1.7.2 Epiquest modpack installer

  • Hello all, today i would present to you a piece of software of mine, the Epiquest modpack installer !


    I made this example cause i saw that people on the forum are looking for a proper way to install some mods, so i decided to code a little installer that let you download the file you want and that can get rid of other mods !




    Basically, this let you download an archive file (.zip only), uncompress it and then move the mods into the mods folder !

    The software can also erase or backup the content of the mods folder 😉

    If the number of mods in the mods folder is not equal to the specified mods number, the installer erase all the files and re-installs them !

    There is also many other things, just look by yourself 🙂


    I know that someone who would cheat can just rename a cheating mod and replace one of the original mods, so I am going to make a file-checker mod, so it will block any cheating attempt 😉


    v1.0: This is the first version that I coded in ~10 minutes, so the code is not optimized AT ALL, but it will be soon !

    Note: If you have time or have a suggestion, please help me to make this better soft !


    Here's the link, feel free to contribute : https://github.com/AlphaSwittle-Regex/Epiquest 🙂

    Good-bye everybody, thanks for reading !

  • Nice job!

  • Thank you 😄

  • I had trouble to understand everything, but it's a very good work !

  • Oh thank you and what didn't you understand ? I can explain : message de la part de Regex parce que j'ai la flemme de me déco x)

  • Oh no, I have understood everything, but some parts were difficult: P
    Thanks ^^

  • Oh ok, your welcome ^^

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